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Outdoor sports

Experts in outdoor sports fields

Our years of experience in indoor sports, our transparent and professional approach, favourable responses and our ever-growing customer base have led to a new branch of sport. From now on we will also focus on safety for outdoor sports. This mainly concerns artificial turf/synthetic sports surfaces. As you have come to expect from us, the safety of sportsmen and women is paramount and we operate from their perspective!

Independent inspections and advice

Naturally, we will first test the sports fields and tracks in accordance with the applicable standards. Our assessors are specially trained for this purpose and, as former (top) sportsmen and women themselves, bring years of user experience with them onto the pitch. This allows us to take a broader perspective in respect of the quality of fields and tracks beyond the applicable standards. An inspection report and subsequent advice can be obtained from all known bodies, all drawn up in accordance with the applicable standards and with great accuracy. But where that usually ends with a report and advice, VeiligSportveld.nl goes further; we immediately offer you multiple, suitable solutions with absolute and unique added value helping you, the sportsmen and women as well as the environment!


Our three pillars in indoor sports are inspections, advice and revitalisation, which are also applicable in this branch of sport; outdoor sports. But then with a genuine USP; our ECO Revitalisation. Veiligsportveld.nl will become the first and only company in the Benelux to deploy a revolutionary maintenance system. This means that we will be able to revitalise artificial turf pitches through a circular process. Microplastics, heavy metals and other unwanted pollution will be reduced to a minimum. After all, we believe that safe sport is not limited to preventing injuries, as we also look at the longer term in matters such as health and the environment! With this approach we elevate the term “'safe sports'” to an unprecedented level, the Champions League of artificial turf maintenance, if we may be so bold.