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Inspections of outdoor sports fields

Veiligsportveld.nl is an independent inspection institute. We can inspect and test all types of sports fields for you, in accordance with all applicable sports standards.

Keeping abreast of current standards is important. Let us take the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Football Association) standard as an example:

Previously, an artificial turf football pitch was only inspected and certified upon delivery according to the applicable FIFA standards. Older fields are now subject to a re-inspection requirement. Since 2010, artificial turf football pitches must be inspected in accordance with the KNVB usage standard in the 8th year after installation. The KNVB adapted these standards in 2019. 

Veiligsportveld.nl only uses equipment prescribed by NOC-NSF and KNVB. 

Have your sports field tested? Jan van den Hurk Send an e-mail to  06 54101581