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Sports floor revitalisation

A revitalisation is a very extensive technical overhaul of your floor, which we developed ourselves. A revitalisation goes further than simply the periodic cleaning of a sports floor. A revitalisation restores your floor to its original sport-technical properties and it extends the lifespan of your floor. We recommend revitalising your floors at least once a year. You will also receive an inspection report and if the ratings are good, a safety certificate.
If you really want to keep your sports floor at its optimum, we recommend the safety subscription below. Many municipalities and agencies have already done this. References available on request!

Safety subscription

"Take control of the situation with a safety subscription from Veiligesportvloer.nl"
We are increasingly seeing problems on the sports floor due to an unclear approach to the floors in the current maintenance contracts of sports facilities. These contracts often relate to the general and wet areas, as well as the sports floor itself.

But, in reality, a sports floor needs a more specialised approach compared to other areas. Regrettably, the regular maintenance work often unintentionally falls short.
Time pressure, equipment, incorrect dosage, or simply the wrong detergent is often at the root of this. More often than not it is a combination of these factors.

A revitalisation goes beyond the periodic cleaning of a sports floor.

As a result, your sports floor is decaying from both a hygienic and safety point of view,

which could lead to unpleasant consequences. Consider, for instance, accidents and injuries caused by the slipperiness of your sports floor. You, as the manager, naturally want to be able to demonstrate that you have taken care of your responsibility. With a safety subscription of Veiligesportvloer.nl liability is no longer an issue.

As a specialist in the field of safety and maintenance of sports floors, we recommend that you take the periodic maintenance work out of the existing maintenance contracts and have it carried out by Veiligesportvloer.nl so that you can guarantee the safety and quality of your sports floor.

A growing number of municipalities and organisations in the Netherlands & Belgium have now opted to take charge of the situation with a safety subscription from Veiligesportvloer.nl.



Examples of revitalised sports floors