Customer Portal

The customer portal where data & information comes together!

Safe and clear
Besides the fact that this portal is a safe and clear place where all your data and information about the accommodation is stored, you can start using this portal to, for example, set up your multi-year mainteance planning, or your MOPs more accurately. You can also switch better with the facility services that are responsible for the safety, quality and mainteance of your accommodations. Our data from the reports substantiate your arguments. You will soon be able to see at a glance what the status of your accommodations is and if there is something wrong with it, you can immediately contact one of our employees.

Also very interesting; You can see how your organization, foundation, municipality relates to the rest of our clientele. To make these overviews as accurate as possible, we would like to point out that you are authorized to enter or complete certain data yourself. If you do not have this information, you can authorize another person within your organization. 

Change or view your valuable data
We have filled in and registered as much information as possible for you. If important information is missing, we ask you to complete it yourself. Think of invoice, personal and address data, but also information regarding the age of your floors, top layer renovations, RAL numbers, producer, etc.
You cannot change some data. These are, for example, the measured values and basic data. This is to prevent contamination in the data.

Need help?
Within this portal you will find a number of “Call to action” buttons with which you can call in our help or, for example, place orders in the webshop. We also foresee a number of practical additions to this portal in 2020, such as an agenda, schedule planner, etc.

We are happy to develop this portal together with you, so we appreciate it very much if you tell us what you are missing or would like to see improved or adjusted.
Ultimately, together we ensure that with all the data and information from this portal, we make sport safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more attractive!