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Damage repairs and mechanical damage

It is often said that accidents hide in the most unexpected places. When many materials are moved around in a sports facility for games and sports, damage can sometimes occur unintentionally. However, a sports floor can also be damaged through warping, wear and tear or other reasons. 
When damage occurs, it is necessary to repair it as soon as possible. Moisture can, for instance, penetrate under the floor causing the floor to bulge. 
Veiligesportvloer.nl can identify and repair any damage imaginable. From a simple crack to a hooked tear, but also raising or repairing cavity floor service boxes and lids, for example. 
You should always take any colour difference into account, even if you have the RAL colour and type no. available from the manufacturer. We always try to match the colour as closely as possible. 
Contact us for a damage assessment or general inspection of your sports floor. If you have already taken an inventory of the damage yourself, you can also send a simple e-mail or WhatsApp message with photos and a clear description of the size. 

We may also come to the conclusion from our objective assessment that the floor may need a top layer renovation due to extensive or irreparable damage, age or other reasons. This will always be communicated to you in advance.