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Our Company

Our Company

We have been active in a market that demands safety for 5 years already. Sports institutions, and in particular municipalities, want to ensure liability and safety. We have developed into a proven and reliable partner in this field. We specialise in inspections, advice and revitalisation of all indoor sports floors and artificial turf pitches.

Our motto: We strive for every sportsperson to take part in sports safely!

In addition to inspections, consultancy work and revitalisations, we now have a complete line of chemicals available for sports floors, which we already export all over the world. Our resin removal concept (especially for handball) is currently being used in the Netherlands, Belgium and via resellers in Germany. There is also a great deal of interest in our work from Scandinavia at the moment.

We are also a supplier of cleaning machines, with our Cleanfix RA660 Navi cleaning robot as our flagship. We use them at the larger sports halls where problems such as lack of time to allow for adequate cleaning plays a role.

We launched a login portal for our customers in January 2019. You can see this as your own secure customer environment in which we record all inspection reports and relevant customer/location data. This is an asset management portal in which we show you the status of sports floors in an overview based on measurements from our reports (many more options will become available in the future). A major advantage of this tool is that it provides insight into the quality of sports floors in the long term, thereby enabling accurate long-term maintenance planning!

In short, we are a partner for both the short and long term!