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Indoor sports

Indoor sports floors

Sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands utilise various types of sports floors:

  • Synthetic
  • Grass
  • Minerals
  • Wood

Veiligesportvloer.nl focuses mainly on the safety of synthetic and wooden sports floors in sports halls, fitness centres and multifunctional accommodations.
Safe Sports Floor

Various flooring manufacturers develop top-quality sports floors that meet NOC*NSF standards that are required to last as long as possible. Modern techniques and compositions can (according to calculations) even ensure that the floor can outlive a new building. This includes techniques such as area distribution, whereby the sportsman's pressure is distributed over an area rather than a point (area-elastic versus point-elastic). And for the sportsman's comfort, underfloor heating is installed instead of (old-fashioned) heating of the room from above.

The well-being of the user is paramount. Veiligesportvloer.nl provides a safe sports floor that eliminates slipping.

The comfort and well-being of sportsmen and women is taken into account early on in the development of a sports floor. As soon as the sports floor is taken into use,  Veiligesportvloer.nl stands ready to guarantee the safety of the floor, time and time again.

From a budgetary perspective, the purchase of a completely new, modern sports floor is not always possible for every sports hall owner/municipality. A revitalisation is therefore a solution to restore the current sports floor to its original condition, which requires minimal time and investment.