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Inspections of Indoor sports floors

Having indoor sports floors inspected provides you with insight into the physical condition of your floor. As the manager or responsible person, you want your sportsmen and women to be able to take part in sports safely. By having sports floor inspections you can, among other things, prove that the safety of sportsmen and women  is a priority. You can also have the sports floor inspected for practical or financial reasons.

Is renovation of the top layer sufficient or is a complete renovation necessary? Will funds to replace the sports floor only be available in a few years' time, but you are not sure about the current state of the floor? Or the other way around. Funds are available for the sports floor to be replaced soon, but is that really necessary because it still looks fine!?

Our extensive Plus+ inspection will give you clarity! However, we are of the opinion that with younger floors an extensive inspection, including all additional costs and equipment, is not necessary.

Therefore we offer you a choice of two inspections in complete accordance with the guidelines of EN 14904. 

Is the floor safe according to our inspection report? We will then issue a safety certificate!

Inspection Plus € 950,-

This inspection is ideal when:

  • Your sports floors are older than 7 years
  • You are considering a top layer renovation
  • You must put out a tender for a new floor 

This inspection includes:
  • Surface hardness 
  • Shock absorption (lifespan/expectancy can be determined with this)
  • Roughness / Smoothness 
  • Gloss ratings 
  • Vertical deformation 
  • Inventory of damage
  • Line inspection
  • Inspection of floor facilities
  • Temperature and humidity 
  • Maintenance advice
  • Comprehensive report

Sports floor inspections